world wide whois requests

On the left side you can search for domain holders or get the DNS data for every domain.
You can also search for IPv4 or IPv6 addresses (i.e. or

Check here if a domain is online or not. five Servers will check the domain availability.

If you wanna know what DE, AT or IT stands for, check this form (please note: this is for country domain endings only and not for generic endings i.e. .com, .net, .email, ...) or enter a country name (english spelling) here, to ask for the top level domain.

The next form get header infos - this is a blind text

With IP to Country you can enter a domain name or IP Address and you get information about your entered value.

With the traceroute or ping form you will be connected to one of my other sites. You will see the route or ping from my server to the entered server location.

Hit the ESC key to clear all fields.